Prof. Vitanov Sends New Alarm: Universe May Be Drowned in Our Tears

I can see that something alarming is brewing in the depths, and I can't prevent it. But at least let me tell you, so whoever wants can protect thrmselves,. Today, the basic reproduction number is 1,122. Which means the scope of the infection is expanding. It is also evident in the increasing the number of active cases. That's what mathematician Prof. Nikolay Vitanov wrote in his new Facebook post.

"Half of Bulgaria's regions are are inzones characteised by contagious diffusion. The other half is not. Two very important regions - Sofia-city and Plovdiv are not yet in the diffuse distribution zone and this keeps us relatively safe for now. Sofia-city, however, caves in slowly, Plovdiv follows. I can see it, but there's nothing I can do to stop it, I can only inform you," the mathematician wrote. He points out that next week won't be easy.

"As you remember, I wrote that by the end of the month the mortality rate will be high. You can see it is really high. but you know - it shows the real number of infected who have apparent symptoms. I dare not write about the October mortality. The Universe will not only burst into sobs , but it can virtually  be drowned in our tears," Vitanov wrote.



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