Mitsotakis focuses on pandemic, climate crisis, and Greek-Turkish relations in UN speech

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis focused on international cooperation on issues ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to the climate crisis in his address to the 76th UN General Assembly today

As expected the PM devoted much of his address to Greek-Turkish relations, noting that Athens wants good relation with Ankara based on international law.

He stressed in that regard that in confronting any challenge from Turkey Greece will defend its sovereign rights.

Mitsotakis said he was less optimistic about a solution for the Cyprus problem due to Turkey's stance.

The full text of the PM's speech is as fo llows:

For nearly two years the world has been grappling with one of the greatest challenges we have faced in modern times. The impact of COVID-19 is an ever-present reminder of the realities we continue to face in the battle against this pandemic.

But as we gather here this week, I believe that, in spite of the pain and disruption brought about by this terrible disease, there are reasons to be optimistic. If these events have taught us anything, then it is this: that hope is born of co-operation.

For the first time in human history our planet joined hands and delivered a collective scientific miracle.

EU response to pandemic

The discovery, development, and production of not just one but several safe and effective vaccines, in a very short period of time. What in the past took us decades was now achieved in months.

And Europe led the way on numerous fronts.

We led the way on vaccine procurement. Vaccines were purchased by the EU and distributed to all member states based on their population, regardless of size and economic might. A true act of solidarity.


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