Official Government Gazette – The doctors will determine when a rapid test will be required

As of tomorrow, September 27, the new measures for the protection of public health from the risk of further spread of Covid-19 will enter into force.

According to the Official Government Gazette, from tomorrow, not all patients (both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated ones), who pay a visit to the dentist, will be obliged to present a negative rapid test.

The Health Minister, Thanos Plevris, also spoke today about the new government decision, emphasizing to the ANT1 channel that it is now possible, through the Joint Ministerial Decision issued, for their Federation to decide in which cases the patient will be required to present a negative rapid antigen test.

Thus, patients who come to a public or private health facility for an invasive examination or an examination that may cause aerosol transmission, are obliged to perform a rapid test within 48 hours.

The way this measure will be applied is determined by the Panhellenic Medical Association and the Hellenic Dental Federation, respectively.

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