Grain Harvest in Bulgaria is at a Five-Year High, and Prices are Rising

Wheat is 32% more expensive, and for sunflowers the annual increase is 35%. Maize prices the most - by 42%

The wheat harvest in Bulgaria is increasing by over 50% this year compared to 2020, crossing the limit of 7.1 million tons of production. This is the best level for the last five years.

The jump in production also occurs in the context of rising prices on international markets, which also leads to growth in Bulgaria: for the main export crops it is between 24 and over 42% on an annual basis.

Peak after difficulties

Due to last year's drought, which affected Bulgaria's granary Dobrudzha, grain production fell sharply in the four main crops, accounting for a significant share of agricultural exports - wheat, rapeseed, sunflower and corn. The decline was about 20% for each of them. But this year the results are on the other pole, according to official data so far. On Friday, during the grain advisory council, it became clear that the wheat harvested in Bulgaria is 52% more than the previous year and reaches 7.16 million tons. Moreover, this amount was defined as the highest since 2017. Better results have been reported for other fully harvested crops at the moment: the barley produced is nearly 699 thousand tons, which is an increase of over 27% on an annual basis, and rapeseed is over 376 thousand tons, or 36% more. The main contribution to the better results is now made by the higher average yield compared to last year.

This is currently reported in the harvest of corn and sunflower. Compared to last year, the increase in the yield of sunflower is over 17% to 236 kg per decare, and for corn - 16% to 551 kg per decare, according to the latest data of the Ministry of Agriculture. However, the...

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