Top 10 Cities to Live in 2021

"If you do your most important job well, it is easier to go through a catastrophe"

This principle in governance is also evidenced by how cities go through the pandemic. It is also one of the defining criteria in the ranking of the magazine "Monocle" for the most pleasant places to live. Another principle is that well-run cities solve their current problems with a vision for a better future.

Usual factors such as quality services, lots of greenery and strong leaders in management are not enough this time. What is the benefit of the current assessment of how many new companies have registered in the city or how many museums and galleries are in a world where they have been partially or completely closed for more than a year?

The authors trace for 2021 which mayor has reduced his salary as an incentive to cut budget spending in the administration or which municipal council has quickly launched a business support program, people have kept their jobs and in the months after the blockades the economy has recovered quickly.

Not everything is a pandemic in the Index of the most pleasant to live in cities 2021. Investments in projects that will change the quality of life for years to come, development of programs to attract foreign talent (when the borders open) and balancing in a new way interests between local people and tourists (when they return).


Here are the top 10:

1. Copenhagen

2. Zurich

3. Helsinki

4. Stockholm

5. Tokyo

6. Vienna

7. Lisbon

8. Auckland

9. Taipei

10. Sydney

Seoul and Vancouver follow, and it is noteworthy that half of the top ten cities have a population of less than 1 million people.



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