Taliban Killed a Child whose Father was Suspected to be Against the Regime

The Taliban killed a child. The reason - suspicion that his father was involved in the resistance against the new regime.

The news was spread by Afghan media, which published a video with the bloody body of the little boy. According to Panjshir Observer, the murder took place in Takhar province.

After the Taliban took power, they promised that citizens who had worked with the government and foreign forces would not be repressed and should not be feared. A few days later, however, the seizure of these people's property began, as well as beatings and other acts of violence. The murder of the child is one of the most sinister executions so far.

According to UNICEF, by August 9, 20 children had been killed and at least 130 injured in Kandahar alone. There are no other official data at the moment, and the executions are understood only through media publications and posts on social networks.

A recent UNICEF report on 15 September shows that 10,830 children have been directly affected by the conflict and have been forced to flee their homes. More than 9,000 children need humanitarian aid.


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