Bulgaria’s Chief State Health Inspector: New Lockdown Not Necessary for Now


Despite the increase in the number of those infected with coronavirus, a new lockdown is not necessary s of yet. In some areas, the number of new infcions is higher and the possibility of introducing local measures there will be discusse, voiced his opinion Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev.

"The number of coi paients admitted to hospitals and the deceased is unacceptably high," he said adding that the main reason for the going morbidity is not the flocking of children at schools, but non-compliance wih ni-epidemic measures.

Commenting On  the death mong the vaccinated Kunchev said that it cannot be blamed on vaccines fillure at all. "Usually these are people of quite advanced age and with accompanying diseases in whiom any infection could lead to death," the expert explained. According to him, healthy middle-aged people do not need a booster dose of vaccines.

He said there were reports and suspicions of issuing fake vaccination certificates that would be checked, although such violations were difficult to expose.


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