Bulgarian Elections: How to Vote 2 in 1 on November 14

In the parliamentary and presidential elections on November 14, one vote will be cast with one card, but in most of the sections where the voting is by machine, the devices will probably be not one, but two. This is being discussed in the Central Election Commission, but there is no final decision yet, it became clear from the words of its spokesperson Rositsa Mateva today.

According to the Electoral Code, in the sections over 300 voters in the country and abroad voting is done only with machines, and the wish of the election commission is in the sections where more than 320 people voted on April 4 and July 11, the devices to be two. In the summer elections, due to the large number of voters, there were two machines - over 425, there were in 1115 sections in Bulgaria and in 148 - abroad.

Currently, the commission has 11,237 machines, but intends to announce a public procurement for at least another 1,600 devices, after the first procurement failed because the bids were above the estimated value of BGN 9.5 million. According to Rositsa Mateva, however, more machines will now be ordered so that there are two devices in more places.


How to vote

There is still no decision of the Central Election Commission on whether one ballot paper will be displayed directly when the voting card is placed in the machine or the voter will be asked what he wants to vote for - for parliament or for president. It is also unclear whether the card will be drawn between the two votes.

According to Rositsa Mateva, most members of the commission believe that it is better to vote with one card in the sections, as in many places there will be two machines and if the cards in circulation are four, there will be confusion.



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