Vučić: The game was imposed on us, but we played better

Speaking about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija and who won, he said that "these are our small struggles in order to stop the process that has been imposed."
"Serbs won, but no matter how satisfied we are when ROSU has to leave, as it causes joy, these are our small struggles and attempts to stop and slow down something that has been imposed on us."
"People understand. We strive to be part of the EU, but if we apologized to others, we would not be so successful today and we would not have salaries like this," he said, adding that "we did not lose, and we played better."
"It is not our game. That game was imposed on us. They wanted to introduce the removal of Serbian license plates and to humiliate us. They wanted to give us Kosovo license plates and they wanted ROSU to control that process."
Speaking about the agreement from 2011, he confirmed that this was written in that document.

"Why did I lift the planes?"

First, he referred to the Burj Khalifa, which was shining in the colors of the Serbian flag yesterday, emphasizing that it was a "nice gesture of the hosts".

"I am always happy when I see our flag and hear our anthem," he said, and then commented on the opening of the pavilion.

"Abu Dhabi and Dubai are a springboard for the Far East, and that is an important thing for us. It is important to position ourselves and make friends, to offer our opportunities and goods," says Vucic, adding that "Asia is growing dramatically and people must have that in mind".

"We live in the truths we gained 30 years ago, and the world is changing dramatically," the president stressed, adding that "we have left a good impression as a country of responsible people looking forward and into the future."

"A much...

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