US and EU diplomats and Kosovo: "Too many cooks spoil the broth"

According to "Sputnik", it seems that the U.S. team for the Balkans, which consists of Gabriel Escobar, the White House special representative for the Balkans, and Matthew Palmer, now in charge of electoral reform in Bosnia-Herzegovina, will get a third team member.
This was announced by Escobar himself, not ruling out the possibility that the United States will appoint its envoy for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, after he participated in the talks between the opposing parties in Brussels regarding the crisis with car license plates.

How the United States "hijacks" the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina

Escobar's role in reaching an agreement remains a mystery, but, according to many analysts, it was crucial, even though the agreement was formally reached with the mediation of the EU, writes Sputnik.
His announcement of the possibility of the White House appointing a special representative for Kosovo and Metohija irresistibly reminds of what Donald Trump did by appointing Richard Grenell to that position - the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina intensified and resulted in the signing of the Washington Agreement. However, the most important achievement of Grenell's involvement in the dialogue was the "kidnapping" of the dialogue, its relocation from Brussels to Washington and the marginalization of the EU. In that light, perhaps the statement of US President Joe Biden should be read, that the Kosovo issue will be resolved before the end of his first term.
Aleksandar Gajic, an analyst at the Institute for European Studies, believes that if the United States appoints a new Grenell as a special envoy for dialogue between Serbia and its renegade southern province, Washington can be expected to suppress Brussels on...

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