Bulgarian Census 2021: 5.2 Million People or 78% of the Population have been Counted so far

The census is slow - only 78 percent of people have been counted so far, and the deadline is Sunday, October 10, said at a press conference the head of the National Statistical Institute Sergei Tsvetarski.

Another extension will not help, and the data will become out of date, he said.

The least counted were in the Student City in Sofia, in Sliven (only 63.8% counted) and in Kardzhali (66.8% counted). In the Student City, only 3 percent are counted on the spot, and there is no data on those who did so electronically.

The districts of Vidin, Montana and Kyustendil are excellent.

"The population in Roma neighborhoods does not watch the media you represent, but mainly watches foreign television, where the census is not advertised," Sergei Tsvetarski told reporters.

Many contract counters have given up at the last minute in order not to become infected with the coronavirus, as 600 people are missing in Sofia alone and reserves are being sought.

The head of the NSI also complains of rude treatment to counters. In a village in Pernik, a citizen even fired a gas pistol at a counters who had already testified at the Ministry of the Interior.

"The Ministry of the Interior is having a big impact on us - sorry, assistance," Tsvetarski said, warning citizens to be polite.

In addition to falling under the law, the shooter and any other bully will be fined 160 leva.

As a result of the campaign, 2,404,000 Bulgarians have submitted their data online so far, and another 2,771,000 have been visited and counted on paper by a counter.


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