Bulgarian Oligarch Delyan Peevski Summoned for Questioning at SANS

Notorious Bulgarian oligarch and politician Delyan Peevski was summoned today at 1 pm to State Agency for National Security

Minutes ago, he entered the agency building for questioning.

According to information from the international investigation "Pandora's Files", he is connected with 3 offshore companies, for which there is no trace in the property declarations submitted by him.

The Bird.bg website published data related to Delyan Peevski, who accuse him of tax evasion.

Novinite.com reminds that Peevski serves as MP from the parliamentary group of DPS in the 41st, 42nd, 43rd, and 44th National Assembly. According to Reporters Without Borders, his media group consisting of 6 newspapers, "New Bulgarian Media Group" controls nearly 80% of print media distribution in Bulgaria.

He has been accused of using his newspapers for influence peddling and to launch attack campaigns against journalists and other opponents. Peevski was accused of corruption in a Reporters Without Borders 2018 report. His infelunce of the media in Bulgaria and other evidence of corruption led the US to implement the Magnitsky Act mechanism to impose sanctions against Peevski in June 2021.


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