Nearly 40% of Bulgarian Drivers Want to Reduce their Carbon Footprint

Nearly 40% of Bulgarian drivers want to reduce their carbon footprint. This is shown by the results of a national representative survey of the leading global agency KANTAR, initiated by Shell Bulgaria

Nearly 40% of drivers in Bulgaria say that they have made a change related to their choice or use of a car in order to reduce the carbon footprint. This is shown by data from a national representative survey of the global agency KANTAR from May 2021. The in-depth survey was conducted among a representative sample of citizens over 18 years of age from all 28 administrative districts in the country. It aims to explore the views and understandings of Bulgarians on a number of topics related to sustainable development and environmental protection, including the carbon footprint.

The survey shows that nearly 25% of drivers surveyed are aware of the consequences of the carbon footprint, although awareness of other, similar terms is lower. Drivers cite global warming (40%) and air pollution (35%) as the main consequences, followed by climate change, seasonal changes and ozone hole growth (26%, 25% and 22% respectively), with participants being able to point out more than one answer). The study also shows a positive trend in the daily steps that people take in order to reduce their impact on the environment. The largest percentage of respondents (39%) say they use reusable bags instead of plastic, 33% seek to reduce electricity consumption in their household, and 28% collect their waste separately. Nearly one-fifth say they tend to limit their use of a car.

"The data is really indicative of the real interest of many people in Bulgaria in actions that each of us can take personally to be part of the efforts to protect the environment....

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