Foreigners with Positions in Bulgaria’s “Arsenal” Weapons Factory Left in Custody

After nearly four hours of trial, the Stara Zagora District Court remanded in custody the three foreign nationals detained in Kazanlak, Nova TV reported. They are accused of taking samples and documents from the Kazanlak weapons factory "Arsenal".

According to Nova TV, one of the detainees is the Russian Sergei Zonenko, who is a world-famous scientist in the field of cumulative ammunition. Until his arrest, Dr. Zonenko managed the Cumulative Ammunition Division at Arsenal.

The specialized operation was conducted after a signal was submitted on October 3 for an established lack of specific products from Arsenal AD - Kazanlak and documents related to them - information extremely sensitive for the company and of interest to Bulgarian or foreign competitors.

Witnesses were questioned as part of the investigation, and it was established that a 24-year-old Lithuanian citizen, a 59-year-old fellow citizen, and a 60-year-old Russian citizen worked at the plant with employment contracts. Their activity was related to innovative technologies, providing the company's products.

The three were on unpaid leave until September 17, after which they did not show up for work. It was established that they were traveling in cars, a report on their trips abroad showed that they entered the country on October 2, 2021, were in Kazanlak and went back. In order to prevent them from leaving the country, a request for a thorough inspection was sent to the DGGP.


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