Experts warn of major spike in COVID-19 cases due to low vaccination rate

With hospitals in northern Greece already over-burdened with COVID-19 cases, in large measure because of the low rate of vaccination in the region (in some areas as low as 40 percent), experts on the National Committee on COVID-19 are expressing deep concerns of a major spike in cases in the region in the next two months

"The National Health System is under severe pressure in areas of northern Greece and the situation is difficult," said Patras University Professor of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Charalambos Gogos, a member of the Committee, noting that the significant drop in the rate of vaccination nationwide does not bode well for the evolution and spread of the virus.

"More citizens must be vaccinated in order to reach the desired level of immunity," he told ANT1 television today.

Gogos said that people in younger age brackets have the lowest rate of vaccination, but that the concern of experts is focused on the fact that 25 percent of citizens over the age of 65 have not gotten the jab and that it is mainly they who fall seriously ill and are intubated, further burdening the health system, with serious repercussions on the treatment of other diseases.

When asked about the safety of parades to be held on the 28 October national holiday in Thessaloniki and elsewhere he said that if public health measures (social distancing and masks) are enforced one would not expect a rise in the number of cases.

He said that the main concern now is the spread of the virus as the weather gets colder because social activity moves indoors, in places where there are no inspections, and that may lead to a major rise in the number of cases.

Possible peak in cases in early December, testing crucial


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