Bulgarian Doctor: The Unvaccinated “Hold Together” the Pandemic Chain

"First of all, we must protect the life and health of Bulgarian citizens. The only effective tool at this time is vaccination. Bulgaria has a great chance to be part of the developed world, to receive the best vaccines against COVID-19 in the world, in a timely manner, in unlimited quantities and to administer them free of charge." This was stated in an interview with BGNES by Dr. Ivan Kolchakov, an anesthesiologist at Sofiamed University Hospital.

A year and a half after the beginning of the pandemic, the doctor summarized the situation in our country as follows: "In Bulgaria, in principle, no rules are followed. The second tragic fact is our last place in vacciation in the European Union, which immediately put us in first place in terms of the number of deaths per 1 million population. These two findings show that every nation itches what it has crushed. You do not follow measures and rules, you do not take advantage of the achievements of civilization and science, the competent opinion of specialists - international and Bulgarian, as a nation, but also as individuals and families we pay a very high price.

"Things are clear, the Bulgarian in Bulgaria does not follow the rules. However, when he/she goes to Europe or America, he/she obeys them, because there are irrevocable sanctions there. We will not talk about dictatorship and things that are outside the law here, but I will give an example. I was recently at a European congress in Greece, where you can't get on a ferry without a vaccination or a PCR test. You can't even attend the congress. In Germany, they said the following: A person who falls ill and is not vaccinated, we will treat him humanely in the health facility, but sick leave will not be paid. In Europe, there are...

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