Is it Right for Non-Immunized People to Pay for their COVID-19 Treatment?

The medical establishments are suffocating, and against this background - a new idea to deal with the problem has stirred the spirits. People without a vaccine, but with a coronavirus, pay for part of their treatment themselves. Such a proposal was made by the Bulgarian Hospital Association.

However, do the patients agree and who will prevail in the dispute - comment of Svilena Dimitrova - one of the authors of the proposal and Penka Georgieva from the patient organization "Together with you".

"The idea to talk about this topic came as a result of the efforts of the Bulgarian Hospital Association to make a strong vaccination campaign in the summer. An attempt to reduce the number of newly infected in the next wave," Dimitrova explained.

She added that currently, over 90% of the patients who fill the medical institutions are unvaccinated. She commented on a trend according to which coronavirus diseases are declining in Europe due to increased vaccination.

"In the last two days, this topic has obviously escalated, I want to tell everyone - no decision is made without the sanction of society. We want everyone to be in solidarity with our common decision because we spend our common money. Whether they come from the state or from our pocket - we are all the ones who make this budget," Dimitrova added.

Georgieva explained that the patient organization "Together with you" is outraged by the decision, and her personal opinion is that we definitely should not pay extra if we are not vaccinated.

"Society is outraged and angry at the proposal, which violates the Constitution. It violates basic constitutional rights for access to free treatment, access to medical care," she added.

The representative...

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