Bulgarian Doctor: The Covid Certificate gives Freedom, it does not Take it Away

"Covid certification is a very powerful tool in the fight against the virus. The certificate gives freedoms, it does not take away freedoms. Lockdown is a very rough measure to solve the problem." This was said to BNR by Dr. Petar Markov, an epidemiologist, a lecturer at the London School of Tropical Medicine.

Covid certification makes it possible to raise restrictions for people who are not at risk to others, said the doctor and stressed that almost two years after the pandemic, much more is known about this coronavirus - there is a highly effective vaccine, there are tests that very quickly, affordable and cheap, can tell who is infected and who is not:

"Certificates and tests allow us to easily classify each person as dangerous to others. People now differ in the degree of risk for others."

Dr. Markov pointed out that people have the right to protest against the green certificate, but "our freedoms are not taken away by this certificate, our freedoms are taken away by the virus":

"Anyone who cannot see that nearly 100 people die every day in Bulgaria - a "housing estate full of people" is dying of an infection that is preventable and measures must be taken because of this, is detached from reality. The certificate gives freedoms, it does not take away freedoms, because in the beginning we had to close everything"

Dr. Markov's recommendation is to introduce Covid certificates in Bulgaria everywhere, so that vaccinated people who are not at risk to others can return to normal life:

"This will help to limit the infection very quickly without measures affecting everyone and thus avoid a lockdown. ... Try to sit in a restaurant without a Covid certificate in...

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