Marquez’ clothes to go on sale in Mexico

Over 400 articles of clothing and accessories from Gabriel Garcia Marquez' wardrobe will go on sale in Mexico next week, the family of the writer said.

Titled "The Wardrobe of Garcia Marquez," the event will mark the opening of a cultural center in Marquez' residence in southern Mexico where the author of "One Hundred Years of Solitude" lived and wrote for many years.

The items that will go on sale were selected by Marquez' granddaughter Emilia Garcia Elizondo, who will head the future cultural center.

She noted that some of the clothes have "small vestiges of his life as a writer: a jacket with a marker in a pocket, which he used to autograph his books, or even an ink stain."

The sale will kick off on Oct. 20, with the proceeds to be donated to a foundation.

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