Brnabic: "The best report of European Commission in the last few years" VIDEO / PHOTO

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic pointed out that it was especially important that the European Commission's Report noted progress in all political criteria and reforms in the rule of law.
At the press conference after the meeting in the Government of Serbia on the occasion of the EC Report, Brnabi said that the report is complex and covers all segments of our social, political life, foreign and regional policy.
"Personally, it seems to me that this is by far the best Progress Report for the last few years. There are still things we don't consider the same. I expected even more favorable assessments in some aspects, but we are pleased that progress has been noted in almost all areas," Serbian Prime Minister said.
Brnabi stated that in this report, the EC clearly emphasized that the Government of Serbia gave priority to reforms on the European path and especially to the rule of law, and that the introductory remarks stated that the focus of the Government of Serbia was on reforms. She thanked the EU Delegation to Serbia and the EC for stating that the opening criteria have been met and that it is necessary to open two clusters.
"The recommendation has never been clearer, now it is up to the member states and we are working individually with the member states to see if there is anything they perceive as questionable, to give all the information to get a green light from all members to open at least one cluster, if not both", she said.
Prime Minister points out that the recommendation for opening two clusters is a strong political message to EU members, but also to our country and the citizens of Serbia, and that, as she says, a lot has been done in the area of the rule of law.
Brnabi adds that there is still a lot to be done. "There are...

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