Brnabić: "COVID passes from Saturday"; Medical staff still recommends lockdown VIDEO

At the session, it was decided that COVID passes would be introduced.
Prime Minister Ana Brnabi confirmed that and announced that the passess would be introduced from Saturday, October 23.

"Although we have over 50 deaths a day, and many infected, no one thinks it is expedient to respect the measures, which is why we have started to tighten the measures," she said.
As she said, the inspection supervision of compliance with the measures has been strengthened by 10 percent and the number of imposed fines has been increased by 200 percent. "Legal entities are being punished, COVID-wardens are being punished... Now we are finally seeing some result of that," she said.
She added that vaccination in Serbia is still below the necessary level.
"We see that more and more young people are getting sick, and we have the death of a 16-year-old boy today," Brnabi pointed out. "The appeal is simple - vaccination, vaccination, vaccination."
The testimony of people who work in hospitals is that 90 percent of people who are unvaccinated are in intensive care units.
"Therefore, the decision is to introduce COVID passes for all indoor catering facilities from 10 p.m., starting from Saturday," Prime Minister Brnabi confirmed. The inspection services are ready, in addition, the communal police will control the application of the measures and control the observance of the same.
Prime Minister explained that COVID passes do not only mean that a complete vaccination has been performed.
"COVID passes are not just vaccines certificates. They are also: confirmation of the second or third dose of the vaccine that is not older than 7 months. If you received the second dose and did not receive the third after 7 months, you will not have a...

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