Katsarov: Post-Covid with Antigen Test, Done in a Hospital or Laboratory, Gives a Green Certificate

"The antigen tests are equated to the PCR tests from December 1. If a patient is admitted to hospital and treated after a positive Atigen test performed there, he receives a green certificate. Regardless of what the test is - PCR or antigen, where it is done, a certificate is issued there", explained the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov in"This morning".

From October 21, a green certificate requirement for almost all indoor activities enters the country. It is issued with a full course of vaccination, post-illness or negative PCR and antigen test.

"The situation is critical. Our people are facing a huge ordeal, with most people not realizing the scale of the disaster. Yesterday and today we have 5,000 new infections. Of those 10,000, about 1,000 to 1,500 will be in the hospital next week."Of the current people in the hospital, one in seven dies," Katsarov said.

According to him, the other alternative to dealing with the infection is a complete lockdown. If the measures with the green certificate do not help, a lockdown will be introduced.

"The green certificate is applied throughout Europe and enables people to work and communicate," said Stoycho Katsarov.

The Minister of Health added that the presence of antibodies is not considered to be the presence of immunity worldwide.

"The statute of limitations for illness certificates is such because scientists have said so. This is not a political decision,"Katsarov said.

"These measures are valid until we consider them to be effective. If they do not give, we will move on to the next measure,"he added.

Only certified laboratories in the country have the right to issue certificates. If...

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