Bulgaria: The “Green Certificate” will Not be Required for the November 14 Elections

There is no requirement for a green certificate for voting in the parliamentary and presidential elections on November 14, assured the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Rositsa Mateva.

On October 6, the instructions of the Minister of Health and the Chief State Health Inspector for voting were approved, they do not differ from those for the elections on July 11. There is no requirement for anyone to do such a thing, Mateva said, but added: "We hope that if the situation changes drastically and different measures need to be taken, they will first be discussed by the Minister of Health and the Chief State Health Inspector with the Central Election Commission. Commission".

Most members of the section committees have been vaccinated. A special organization was set up for them before the April 4 vote, Mateva recalled. It will not be created again on November 14, because there are vaccines and every Bulgarian citizen can freely be vaccinated.

In the machine voting on November 14, the voting receipt for MPs will be twice as long as the one for the president, so that even when folded, the two can be different. Voters will put them in a common opaque box, not in two separate ones, the CEC has decided.

There are 56,668 applications for voting outside the country at this stage, but those for diplomatic and consular missions are being processed. Their number will be announced by October 23.

The publication of the commission's simulator for the machine voting is forthcoming.

Tomorrow, 280 machines will be delivered to the DEC with a demo version for voting. So many are requested so far, if necessary, more devices can be delivered.

On Tuesday, the CEC signed a contract with Ciela Norma for the supply of...

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