Bulgaria: In September, Number of Detained Migrants was 28.9% Higher than in August

In September, a total of 1,626 third-country nationals were detained in Bulgaria, according to statistics from the Ministry of Interior. Of these, 154 people were detained at the entrance to the state border, 128 at the exit without registration, and 1344 were found to be staying illegally in the interior of the country.

The number of detainees is 28.9 percent more than in the previous month of August (1261 people).

During the period January-September 2021, a total of 6,560 third-country nationals were detained

Of these, at the entrance to the state border - 919, at the exit without registration - 779, and in the interior of the country - 4862 people. Compared to the total number of detainees in the same period in 2020 (1914), there is a 3.4-fold increase.

During the same period of entry and exit (with and without registration), 2331 third-country nationals were detained, most of them at the border with Serbia - 1201 people. 620 people were detained at the border with Turkey. 1412 persons were detained at the exit of the state border, and 919 third-country nationals were identified at the entrance.

Among those detained at the beginning of the year at the entrance to the state border, they predominate the citizens of Afghanistan - 34.8 percent (320 people) and Syria - 35 percent (322 people). At the end, too, more are from Afghanistan - 56.3 percent or 798 people, said the Interior Ministry.

The capacity of the centers of the State Agency for Refugees is filled to 37.6 percent as of September 30. There are 1940 people accommodated in them, and 306 people at an external address. Since the beginning of 2021, 5,961 people have been admitted to the centers, of which 4,219 have left voluntarily and 928 have been granted...

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