Japanese fighters raised alarm over Russian and Chinese helicopters

Japanese Air Defense Forces activated fighter jets due to the take-off of Russian and Chinese helicopters from the decks of military warships, this was stated by Deputy Secretary General of the Government Yoshihiko Ishizaki.
Russian and Chinese helicopters have passed 50-100 kilometers from the Japanese island of Sumisu (Smith Island), while passing through the Tsugaru Strait, and five Chinese and five Russian ships descended to the eastern side of Honshu Island. They passed between Sumisu (Smith) and Torishima islands of the Izu archipelago, RIA News reports.
"In response, Japanese Air Defense Forces raised fighters close to its territory and takes all security measures around our sea and air space. Tokyo follows Chinese and Russian warships with great attention. I will refrain from answering about the purposes of the passage of Chinese and Russian ships", said the Deputy Secretary General Ishizaki.
The joint Russian-Chinese military exercises entitled "Maritime Cooperation 2021" were held from October 14 to 18 in the Sea of Japan.
Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Japan announced that the passage of the ships of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy was completely in accordance with international norms and that there were no violations of the borders.

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