Mitsotakis stresses importance of Eastern Mediterranean at EU summit, migration issue

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis briefed the European Union summit on Turkey's provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean, even as the leaders discussed Ankara's implementation of Ankara's agreement with the EU on migration.

"I had the opportunity to draw the attention of our partners to the great importance that the Mediterranean basin takes on as regards natural gas. The Eastern Mediterranean basin can give us cheap electric energy through the Greece-Egypt electricity link-up. In that context I explained to our partners the great importance of geopolitical developments in the Eastern Mediterranean. The quicker we can strengthen our production of renewable energy sources, the more swiftly we will reach a point of energy security," Mitsotakis told a news conference after the summit.

Turkey's choice: Cooperation or provocation

The PM said that that Greece and Cyprus briefed the summit regarding "what is going on in our neighbourhood in the Eastern Mediterranean"

"Now, whatever happens takes on much greater importance in the midst of an energy crisis," he said.

"The conclusions of previous European Council meetings are still entirely in force. Turkey must choose between two paths - that of earnest cooperation or that of provocation. I think it realises the repercussions of continued provocations. Greece has proven that it is a force of legality in the Eastern Mediterranean."

Summit conclusions on EU-Turkey Joint Statement on migration

Mitsotakis said he was satisfied with the summit conclusions as regards the migration issue because, "Following our pressures there is a clear reference to the need for Turkey to abide by the EU-Turkey Joint Statement…and indeed the European Council calls on...

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