How to Install the Covid Green Certificate on your Phone

The requirement to present a covid vaccination certificate when visiting establishments and other public places has made many people remember that they have one, but it is on paper or as a pdf. Others have yet to be vaccinated and will receive one. However, here are some smart ways to make it easy to use over the phone.

Add to Apple Wallet and Google Pay. The electronic wallets of both companies with their operating iOS and Android systems allow the addition of a certificate. This happens after downloading the document from the website of the Ministry of Health. Upon completion of filling in all the details and issuing it, the system gives two options for downloading it - in PDF or PKPASS. To add it to the wallet, download the second format. Then in Apple Wallet the addition is usually done directly by clicking the "add" button. The principle is the same as adding boarding passes when flying an airplane. For Android users, the path may be a bit longer. In case it does not work, the Pass2Pay application must be downloaded. It is almost mandatory for Google Pay as well. After installing Pass2Pay, you must log in to the Covid Coridor page to accept the terms and conditions. Then the certificate file with the extension PKPASS is added to Pass2Pay, it recognizes it, scans it and extracts the data from it on the screen. The blank fields are filled in with a Covid Certificate, after which Google Pay already recognizes it as a card and takes out its QR code. Your certificate is in the e-wallet, and you can use it and install it in the same way on a smartwatch.

Cardbox. Currently, this is the most common application for this purpose, which was created by Bulgarian developers and allows...

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