"Everyone will go to the polls" VIDEO

He pointed out that some requests were rejected by the delegation of MEPs, because, as he points out, they were unrealistic. Dacic assessed that "everyone" realized that it was a mistake to boycott the parliamentary elections in June last year.
"They are all preparing, making agreements. Things that are realistic have crystallized in the inter-party dialogue, and that agreement will be what was agreed with the MEPs. The law will be changed in order to incorporate those amendments. Dragan Djilas and Vuk Jeremic did not attend", said Dai as a guest on TV Prva and stated that representatives of the opposition will be present in the Republic Election Commission.
"Their approach (Djilas and Jeremic) is that there is no agreement, they think that they get additional points in that way. Other parties have actively participated in the dialogue. They will not give representatives for the temporary supervisory body and accuse MEPs of betraying them, and MEPs are disappointed in them because they expected them to be more constructive. Their goal is to accuse the government of not wanting to be constructive. Even Boris Tadic will give representatives", he added.
Dacic said that they found out through the media what the opposition parties want.
"Djilas and Jeremic will definitely go to the polls... The goal of this, when the elections are over, is to break the alibi that the elections were not correct. It remains to write down everything that was agreed at the meeting on Saturday, and the basic item is that the representatives have an order to encourage the representatives of the opposition to control everything after the elections, so that later it does not turn out that something is wrong", he stated.
The leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia...

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