How and Where a "Free" Antigen Test can be Done in Bulgaria

You probably remember the long queues in front of the only labs that offered paid PCR tests. Similar, but longer, are the queues in front of the vans in the malls or in central places where antigen tests for green certificates are performed. In this case, it is valid for 48 hours.

The government announced last week that it would provide 600,000 "free" tests. They are not free yet, and those who wanted to pay them in the weekend did so for an average of BGN 20-30 per test. They will not be free - from Monday they will be paid again, but less - BGN 10. That is, people will not pay for the tests themselves, but taking the sample, processing the results and uploading to the database will cost money. Here are questions and answers on how to get a certificate after an antigen test.


1. Is it clear in which laboratories (and their outside posts) the antigen tests will be performed?

No. They must appear in an order of the Minister of Health. There is no such order with detailed descriptions yet, as the laboratories receive the tests under the EU program and have yet to conclude contracts. Thus, anyone wishing to take a test should find out which are the largest laboratories in the city in which he/she lives, and check on their websites or by phone if they offer free tests and where is the nearest point for this.

2. Who is eligible for these tests?

Virtually every worker, employee, student, retiree who needs a green certificate, has not been vaccinated and has not suffered from coronavirus, that is - does not appear in the uniform code, portal is entitled to an antigen test. If employers in places where they enter with a certificate wish to test their sick or vaccinated employees, they must...

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