5 Things You Need to Know About Game Development

Have you ever been in the middle of playing one of your favorite console or pc games - and wondered how they created it? 

Where do the ideas come from for the new game, how do they decide who the hero is and what environment and software they used to build it? So the next time you grab your mobile or sit at the pc to play slots online, here is the background of what went into creating the game. 

There are five elements that all games need to have to be successful:

  • Good characters

  • Decisions 

  • Rewards

  • Goals

  • Presence and immersion

Although the player might not realize at the time, these are the reason they will prefer one game over another. 

There will usually be a team of developers working on one game, and here are some of the components. 

Slot Machine Art

Most of that artwork you see in any game started its life drafted and drawn by an artist. The only exception to this is when there is a usage of CGI or 3D - then a specialist will take over this. 

All of the characters, the slots, the spins, and even the smallest detail on the screen are initially sketched up to meet the idea of the game. 

The concept art will be transferred to wireframes and then be turned into colors designs. 

Even when games are similar in style, they will go through the same process - so unless the same assets are used in each game, they won't be identical. 


The mechanics of the game is how it works. Art only provides what we look at but has no moving parts and by itself is just artwork. 

The game will become dynamic when the developers put their working parts and...

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