COVID-19: 4,165 new cases, 25 deaths, 380 intubated patients

The National Organisation for Public Health has announced that there have been 4,165 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases and 25 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number since the start of the epidemic to 724, 571 cases, of which 50.8 percent are men.

Of the cases in the last week, 144 are considered to be linked with travel abroad and 2,876 cases have been traced to a prior case.

There have been 15,707 COVID deaths in Greece since the start of the pandemic, and 95 percent of the cases involved patients with prior underlying medical conditions or who were 70-years-old or above.

The number of intubated patients in ICUs (61.3 percent men) is 380, of whom 327 (86 percent) are unvaccinated or have had only one jab of a two-dose vax, and only 53 (14 percent) are fully vaccinated. Since the beginning of the pandemic 3,290 patients have exited ICUs.

There has been a 19 percent spike in daily hospital admissions (261 in the last 24). The one-week average of admissions is 236 a day.

The median age of newly confirmed cases is 39-years-old and the median age of those who have died is 78-years-old.

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