Disused Hotel Belgrade Opens Up Rooms for Art Show

"Providing you with comfort and rest, the hotel wants to make you feel at home. But it also offers you something like a stage or a film set where you can be your imaginary self," Paenhyse writes on the Hotel Belgrade exhibition website.

The exhibition at the hotel, which was built in 1937 but is currently disused, is the core of this year's Art Weekend Belgrade, which is taking place at more than 20 locations across Belgrade until October 31.

"We have always been interested in looking for spaces that have never been used for the projects we are working on, that has always been our inspiration," Ljudmila Stratimirovic, the creator of Art Weekend Belgrade and director of the KC Grad cultural centre, told BIRN.

Hotel Belgrade will be open until October 29 from 12noon to 5pm. A workshop with curator An Paenhyse will take place at the hotel's meeting room on October 27 from 2-5pm.

Veljko Zejak's 'The Cinema is Working Again', a video piece being shown in the kitchen of the Hotel Belgrade. Photo: Ljupko Miseljic. Aleksandar Petkovic Azza's 'Gay Karadjordje'. Photo: Ljupko Miseljic. The Hotel Belgrade Meeting Room, where discussions and workshops are being held during the exhibition. Photo: Ljupko Miseljic. Dea Dzankovic's 'Kopfkino', a site-specific installation and meditative audio recording. Photo: Ljupko Miseljic. Nikola Radosavljevic's 'Healing Room Mommy Lessons'. Photo: Ljupko Miseljic. Vanja Mijatovic's 'The Temple' uses mass-market packaging material to build models. Photo: Ljupko Miseljic.

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