Hospital Associations in Bulgaria Support the New Anti-Epidemic Measures

The Bulgarian Hospital Association (BHA), the National Association of Private Hospitals (NAPH) and the National Association of Regional Multidisciplinary Hospitals for Active Treatment (NARMGAT) support the new anti-epidemic measures introduced by an order of the Minister of Health of October 19, 2021. This is clear from a declaration of hospital associations sent to Dr. Stoycho Katsarov. In it, they also express their approval by the employees of the medical establishments for hospital care to present a health certificate.

The representatives of the hospitals emphasize that in the current wave of increasing number of people infected with COVID-19 the health system and the hospitals where these patients and people with various diseases are treated, but also in need of timely hospital care, are facing another test. The declaration also notes that it is a matter of personal and public responsibility for everyone working in the hospital health care system, where the treatment of these patients is concentrated, to accept and comply with the new measures, which, from a medical and from the point of view of the development of the pandemic in Bulgaria at the moment are correct.

According to hospital associations, the fourth wave is serious and severe enough. An adequate response is required, despite the challenges that all employers and hospitals face in organizing work under the new rules.

BHA NAPH and NARMGAT point out that there are already enough vaccines, which largely solve the problem of severe cases of the disease and reduce the incidence of death. They remind us that the way out of the health crisis inevitably includes the inconveniences for all of us, to which we have to adapt. They are only temporary and one of the most liberal in Europe,...

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