"I'm sorry, this won't do; COVID passes to be extended to 24 hours"

As he pointed out, the Crisis Staff advocated at the session, and still advocates that they be introduced in catering facilities within 24 hours.
"I said that at the Crisis Staff as well. I'm sorry, but this will not be enough. We will not succeed with such measures. Now the minimum minimum has been accepted, i.e. they should be from 10 p.m. The medical part of the Crisis Staff also asked for 10 days the working hours of all facilities to be shortened, except for pharmacies, markets and gas stations. If we are talking about what has an effect, then 24 hours is the first and foremost and that is the first thing we will insist on".
As he says, another measure that the medical part of the Crisis Staff will continue to propose is taking a "break" of 10 days and shortened working hours of all non-essential facilities.
"The situation is very unfavorable at the moment. We even had a 10 percent increase in the number of infected compared to the previous week. To be clear, this is the sixth week with over 6.000 daily illnesses on average - it has never been before. At the same time, new COVID facilities are being used, and in addition we have a situation where there are no beds in the hospitals. Therefore, we have no more space, except for patients to be discharged earlier and measures to be tightened. The only solution is vaccination. We are crying out for it but it's not on a satisfactory level".


When making decisions at the sessions of the Crisis Staff, one thinks in several directions - about the mental state of the nation, economic and purely health aspect.
However, the previous proposals of the medics sitting in the Crisis Staff were too harsh to be accepted. After all, he does not lose hope when it comes to...

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