Russians prevent kidnapping: Operation on the Atlantic VIDEO

The video shows a unit of Marines from the Russian destroyer "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" disembarking on the cargo ship "Lucija" and inspecting the vessel, reports the Russian agency TASS.
As the Russian Ministry of Defense announced earlier, the ship "Lucija" under the flag of Panama, which was going from Togo to Cameroon, was attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea.
After receiving the signal for help, the Russian warship sent a helicopter with a Marine detachment to free the ship.
The pirates escaped from the cargo ship after the helicopter approached the ship.
Later, an anti-terrorist detachment disembarked from the Russian warship, freed the crew and inspected the ship.

#Видео Экипаж большого противолодочного корабля Вице-адмирал Кулаков предотвратил захват пиратами гражданского судна Панамы в Гвинейском заливе Атлантического океана.
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