"Serbs in BiH are demonized"

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia announced, that policy is persistently pursued by certain forces within Bosnia-Herzegovina.
A statement posted on the ministry's website said Russia was concerned about the unfavorable development of the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and called for an end to destructive interference in the country's affairs. The Russian ministry estimates that "the new spiral of interethnic tension in the country, caused by the irresponsible actions of former High Representative Valentin Inzko", has reached unprecedented proportions, creating a potential threat to stability and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans.
"We call for an urgent end to the destructive interference in the internal affairs of sovereign Bosnia and Herzegovina," the statement said.
The Ministry estimates that "the desire to use the mechanism of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council to resolve issues that do not concern Dayton is causing obvious damage to this multilateral institution, which has been significantly discrediting violations of consensus practices in that area".

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