A Survey Shows which are the Happiest Nations. Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria ranks 88th among 104 countries in a new international Gallup survey entitled World Happiness Report 2018-2020.

Our country (with 5266 points) is ahead of Albania (5117) and Northern Macedonia 5101), which are respectively in 93rd and 94th place, and Turkey occupies the unenviable last 104th place (4948). Among the other countries in the Balkan region, Greece is 68th, Serbia 48th, Kosovo 33rd, Slovenia 29th and more.

Bulgaria goes down in the rankings compared to last year's report, when it is in 56th place with 5598 points.

The report is based on access to quality healthcare, longevity, financial stability, freedom, social ties. The criterion by which a nation's level of happiness is assessed is, as the report calls it, "the average national assessment of life."

In addition to taking the usual data into account, this year the team is examining the effects of COVID-19 on people's quality of life, taking into account everything from mental health and social interaction to workplace safety and the government's response to the pandemic.

Finland is classified as the country with the happiest inhabitants (for the third consecutive year). With a score of 7889 points, Finland is once again setting the tone for other nations when it comes to factors such as social support, life expectancy, freedom, perceptions of corruption and anti-utopia.

Second is Iceland - a popular tourist destination in recent years with residents enjoying a quality of life (rising from fourth place in 2020).

Third is Denmark, which falls from second place, but remains constant in its presence in the top 5 of the happiest countries in the world for many years.

Switzerland is fourth with a stable, high GDP that offers...

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