Brnabic with Wang Yi; "Our ambition to develop relations further is great"

Brnabic thanked China for the assistance that China provided to Serbia during the coronavirus pandemic in professional medical care, equipment and support in vaccination.
That, Brnabi added, only strengthened the iron friendship between the two countries, which is deepening with the project of building a factory for the production of vaccines by the Chinese company Sinopharm.
Serbian Prime Minister also emphasized the importance of cooperation with China in the field of infrastructure development and new large investments of Chinese companies in Serbia, despite the fact that the pandemic continues, noting that the dynamics of most projects is proceeding at an agreed pace, in accordance with the deadlines stipulated in the contract.


Prime Minister expressed special gratitude when it comes to the successful privatization of the Smederevo Ironworks, thanks to which, as she emphasized, thousands of jobs were saved, as well as finding a strategic partner for RTB Bor.
Serbia also attaches great importance and provides strong support to Chinese President Xi Jinping's global "Belt and Road" initiative and the China-CEEC cooperation mechanism, Serbian Prime Minister added.
"Our ambition for further development of political, economic and all other relations is great," Brnabic said and congratulated the Chinese side on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party. Wang Yi thanked for the congratulations and pointed out that the friendship between the two countries, on an equal basis, is developing for the benefit of both peoples. He added that China is ready to continue to be a true friend of Serbia, and that is why Belgrade can fully count on any kind of help that is needed.
Wang Yi said that there is...

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