Bulgaria: Doctors Signal that Hospitals are Under Pressure and Human Resources are Depleted

The situation with the spread of covid in the country continues to deteriorate. The incidence across the country has already reached 785 infected per 100,000 population.

We set a new record today - 6816 are infected in the last 24 hours. 13.5% of the 50,356 tests performed are positive. 124 people have died in the last 24 hours, and over 94% of them have not been vaccinated. The pressure on hospitals is also increasing - over 1,100 newly admitted patients with covid.

The total number of hospitalized is already 7325 people. There are not enough beds, but the bigger problem is that the doctors are at their limit - there are not enough medics, nurses and orderlies. This was stated in "The Day Begins" by anesthesiologist Dr. Ivan Kolchakov. He added that the responsibility for dealing with the pandemic is personal.

"Beds and health facilities do not cure, not to mention the Armeec hall and such exotics. Specialized teams that can perform resuscitation, specialists like me, we are a big deficit without a pandemic, and now we are divided into groups that need to "They take care of the patients with covid, and at the same time the other diseases have not stopped functioning. From this point of view, the shortage of staff is extremely acute," said Dr. Kolchakov.

Doctors remind that in this wave there is a better organization in the distribution of patients, but nevertheless the medical institutions are at the limit of their strength.

"The entire health care system has stood side by side to bear this burden - both private and municipal and state hospitals bear the burden equally," said Ivan Todorov, deputy chairman of the Bulgarian Hospital Association.

If you go to a meeting of hospital managers, you will see how...

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