Evangelos Marinakis on CPLP’s bond listing at the Athens Stock Exchange: “Green investments are the future”

"We have been engaged with financial markets since 2007 when we were first listed in New York at the Nasdaq stock exchange. Since then we have paid more than $800 million in dividends to our investors" Evangelos Marinakis, the Founder and President of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp. said today, on the occasion of the listing of CPLP's bond on the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX).

Marinakis, a mainstay of Lloyd's List's annual 'Power 100' ranking of the most influential people in shipping worldwide for the past decade added:

"We successfully weathered very severe crises, always with respect towards our investors; we enjoy a very good reputation as we coped under very difficult conditions, succeeding not only to manage crises, but to also emerge victorious. We have, in fact, grown through these crises!"

In reference to the current political and economic situation in Greece, Capital's home base, Marinakis noted that "in Greece something is moving to the right direction, there is an increasing sense of confidence towards Greece and foreign investors come and invest in the country; that's why the Greek stock market and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission should be particularly diligent, especially with bonds, because all investors must feel confident and be protected. What is necessary, therefore, is for them to be particularly careful in terms of which companies are listed on the Greek stock exchange."

Marinakis, who continuously features among the most prominent global shipowners, promoting "green" energy and eco-friendly shipping investments, again referred to the specter of climate change, stressing that "green investments are the future … we saw the wildfires over the summer; climate conditions have changed, and the task of environmental...

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