Macedonian Bulgarians are “For” Bulgaria's Position to Not Support Skopje's EU Negotiations

Today, President Rumen Radev met with representatives of Macedonian Bulgarian organizations. This is an indication that Bulgaria is starting a positive change in its relations with the Republic of North Macedonia.

"Until now, our compatriots have remained isolated from the political decision-making process. This is no longer the case. Bulgaria stands resolutely behind you in your struggle for equality alongside other nationalities in the RNM," Radev was adamant.

According to him, this meeting is an indication of the emerging unity between the organizations of Macedonian Bulgarians.

"Apart from protecting your rights, Bulgaria has much broader interests towards the Republic of North Macedonia. Regardless of the political context and the design of our interests in the world and European political space, you can be sure that we will defend your interests as it was so far," he said.

He stressed that Bulgaria is constitutionally obliged to defend the rights of all Bulgarians at home and abroad, and the guarantee for this is the Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighborliness.

"I want to be properly understood - we are the part of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia who very much want the European future of our country and we know what is the privilege of the citizens of RNM to be European citizens, but this cannot be done at the expense of the national interest of the Bulgarian people ", said Petar Kolev from the Macedonian party "Civil Democratic Union".

According to him, many political and geopolitical goals have been achieved by the Republic of North Macedonia at the expense of the Bulgarian national interest and tolerance among Macedonian Bulgarians has been exhausted.


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