Turkey to spend $3.157 bln fund for green climate-friendly projects: Erdoğan

Turkey will spend the $3.157 billion from the Green Climate Fund, established to support climate actions in developing nations, for climate-friendly projects, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Oct. 28.

"We will use the $3.157 billion resource we have brought to Turkey through the World Bank and developed countries for green climate-friendly projects," Erdoğan said, speaking at the opening of the Ankara National Garden.

Ankara will be the "locomotive city of the Green Development Revolution, which we set as the first and most ambitious target of our 2053 vision," Erdoğan said.

Nation's gardens are one of the "most beautiful results of the vision" that the government has provided, he said and pledged to build more gardens across the country, along with climate-friendly projects.

"We will work to make our paradise land green with our national gardens and climate-friendly transformation projects. We will continue to go out with the trees we planted, with our national gardens in all of our 81 provinces in front of those who refuse to take even a single step for the good of the country," he stated.

"Now, they have shown their last trump card before 2023. This is the reason for the empty talk. They are trying to distract our country with irrational and pointless statements, not law and morality. They will not succeed again," he said.

Turkey has paid "all the price and suffered difficulties during this process," he stated.

"We will continue on our way with patience. We are aware of the troubles, problems and burdens that people experience. It's almost time for us. When we go a little further, we will reach the bright future that awaits us," he stated.

Erdoğan also said they would build a national garden at...

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