The session of the Crisis Staff is awaited, but one measure is certain

For now, one measure is certain, the one concerning the extension of the autumn school holidays, and when it comes to other measures that are proposed and which concern COVID pass, limitation of working hours and number of people at gatherings, positions of medical and political part of the staff are still distant.
The number of newly infected people on a daily basis in Serbia has not dropped below 6.000 for seven weeks, so the medical part of the Crisis Staff announces that they will continue to insist on tightening measures, while the Prime Minister says that "existing measures should be fully implemented for now." Therefore, most likely, only the decision will be made at this session to extend the autumn break for students, so the students will have a break of nine days instead of four, writes "Euronews".
During the last two sessions, doctors from the medical part of the Crisis Staff insisted on tightening the measures in order to stop the spread of the virus. They demanded the introduction of COVID passes, that the working hours of service activities, which are not of essential importance, be shortened to 5 p.m., and that the allowed number of people in one place be reduced from 500 to five.
At the last session of the Crisis Staff, it was agreed to introduce COVID passes in all catering facilities after 10 p.m. The implementation of this measure started on Saturday, October 23. The caterers and guests had two days to adjust, and the collection of fines started on October 25. Many caterers have shortened their working hours to 22 hours in order to avoid paying fines, because their employees do not have a pass.
Epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Staff Predrag Kon says that more restrictive measures are needed in order to protect the...

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