Pulse poll: ND retains over 10 percentage point lead over SYRIZA, broad support for Greek defence accords

Ruling New Democracy retains a double-digit lead over main opposition SYRIZA according to a Pulse poll presented on SKAI television's evening newscast.

Based on a repercentage (excluding undecided voters, those who will not vote, and those who will cast blank protest ballots), New Democracy had an over 10  percentage point lead over SYRIZA (36.5 percent to 24.5 percent). The centre-left Movement for Change garnered 8.5 percent, the KKE Greek Communist Party 8.5 percent, Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) four percent, and MeRa25 three percent.

Voter intention

As far as voter intention with all responses factored in, ND garnered 34 percent (same as in the company's September poll), SYRIZA 23.5 percent (24 percent in September), SYRIZA 23.5 percent (24 percent in September), Movement for Change eight percent (6.5 percent in September), KKE five percent (six percent in September), Elliniki Lysi 3.5 percent (4.5 percent in September) and MeRa25 three percent (same as in September).

The Movement for Change, whose president Fofi Gennimata died recently and will elect a new leader on 5 December, gained 1.5 percentage points since September.

Approval of defence accords with France, US

A large majority of respondents expressed approval for Greece's recent defence agreements with France and the US, especially for the accord with France that included a mutual defence pact.

On the agreement with France, 35 percent said they view it surely positively and 26 percent said it was likely positive. Just 18 percent saw it as probably negative and only eight percent viewed it as surely negative.

Although SYRIZA voted down the agreement when it was ratified in Parliament, 48 percent of those who voted for...

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