Bulgarian Prof. Apostolova: People with a Certain Number of Antibodies Can Get a Green Certificate

"People with antibodies who have suffered but are not listed in the Unified Information System can be tested in certified antibody laboratories and, if they have them, also receive a green certificate, this is my opinion," told BNR Professor Margarita Apostolova from BAS - Institute of Molecular Biology.

Prof. Apostolova explained that there is already a generally accepted unit of measurement, including in the European community, which shows above what level these antibodies are considered positive.

According to her, it is important to decide how to determine these antibodies - by measuring total antibodies, or by measuring neutralizing antibodies, or by measuring cellular immunity - by a non-invasive method - taking peripheral blood - to require the determination of these antibodies.

"But there is a problem that these antibodies can also be received from a vaccine with the first needle. And that can stop people from getting a second dose. But then they won't get a green certificate for a full vaccination course. Otherwise, vaccinated people can also become infected, they can infect other people, and it is also already known that a very small percentage do not form antibodies after both doses," the scientist explained.

This also applies to people who have suffered COVID-19, they may be without antibodies, but they have the so-called green certificate, added Prof. Apostolova.

According to her, however, it is important to say once again that it has already been proven that vaccinated people pass the disease much easier, this also applies to those who have suffered.

"For me, it is not an argument for anti-vaccines to say that they will not be vaccinated because they will become...

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