A Japanese Company has Sheltered Stray Cats to Improve Performance

Tokyo-based Ferry Corporation has decided to increase productivity and reduce stress for its employees in an unusual way - it has sheltered nine stray cats in its offices, World Of Buzz reported.

Due to the small living space in Tokyo, a large number of landlords forbid tenants to live with pets. So many domestic cats and dogs find themselves on the streets, and the inhabitants of the city suffer, living without them. And they are forced to visit the so-called cat cafes.

The company decided to "hire" the kitties, thanks to which its employees began to communicate more with each other and to relieve tension, communicating with their new "colleagues". In addition, employees are encouraged to take their pets to work if they have no one to leave them with, with the company paying $ 42 a month to anyone who has a cat. However, four-legged "employees" sometimes cause inconvenience - they gnaw on computer cables or tear paper, but the company is ready to put up with such small troubles.


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