COVID-19 Deniers are Radicalizing, According to Germany's Counterintelligence

A regional intelligence chief in Germany has warned that those who deny the existence of the coronavirus are becoming more radical, DPA reported.

Ahead of today's protests by the Querdenken (Non-Standard Thinking) movement in Leipzig, Stefan Kramer told the German media group RND that the fourth wave and discussions on booster doses and the tightening of coronavirus measures could give a new impetus to the demonstrators.

Kramer, who heads the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in the central province of Thuringia, which is responsible for monitoring and combating internal security threats, said that in addition to demonstrations, this was evidenced by comments posted on the Internet.

"Across the country, we are witnessing online harassment, insults, physical attacks and extremely aggressive behavior," Kramer said. This is now on the agenda across the country, he continued. The fourth wave of the pandemic, as well as "improper communication and conflicting policies, such as booster injections," are pushing the scene to feel more legitimate and "extra charged," Kramer concluded.

The Querdenken movement, made up of COVID-19 deniers, right-wing activists and anti-vaxers, staged a number of major protests during the pandemic, which sometimes escalated into violence.


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