Divers flock to resort town in Turkey’s south

People from all over the world come to Turkey to enjoy some of the world's best free-diving centers and unique underwater activities, and Alanya is one of the resort towns that hosts the majority of those visitors.

Divers are flocking to the southern province of Antalya's Alanya district to feast their eyes and to experience the magic of the feeling of swimming with sea creatures side by side.

Erkan Acarlar, the owner of a diving school, said that Alanya hosts many visitors mostly from Germany, Scandinavian countries, Poland and Russia in autumn thanks to its shores' underwater wealth.

Noting that the 12 diving points around the historical castle's peninsula are suitable for divers of all levels, Acarlar said that the city is even busier than its best season in 2019.

Diving instructor Ayşen Acarlar said the underwater vision on the shores of Alanya is clearer and more visible in autumn.

"Sometimes we can see Mediterranean monk seals during our dives in underwater caves," she said.

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