North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zaev: I will Stay to Keep the Democratic Majority

A decision was made today to postpone both resignations. We neither debated nor decided on them. When I resigned on 31 October, I said that I would help maintain the parliamentary majority and work to increase it if possible. Such is the responsibility to the state and the people. It makes perfect sense to work on this process.

This was said by the Macedonian Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democratic Union (SDSM) Zoran Zaev after the meeting of the party leadership, which decided to postpone Zaev's resignation. He announced that he was resigning from the post of party leader and prime minister of the country on October 31 after the defeat of the local elections, BGNES reported.

"I sincerely expect there to be a stabilization of the democratic parliamentary majority. And above all, what is Euro-Atlantic, in support of our multi-ethnic society, which supports good neighborly relations and positive reforms in the country. For all these reasons, we are making current efforts that on October 31 I said that I would stay to help preserve the parliamentary majority and even increase it if possible. In the coming days we will find out what will happen," said Zoran Zaev after the meeting of the leadership of the ruling Social Democratic Union.

"At today's meeting of SDSM it was decided to make every effort to preserve the parliamentary majority. As is known, I posted a personal comment on Facebook where I stressed that it is very important that the country does not return to the past, to quarrels, as inside The country's Euro-Atlantic processes are at stake, both abroad and abroad, and we are in a pandemic, an energy crisis, and the government has taken serious decisions on these issues today, and...

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