Latest Romanian Hospital Fire Kills Two Patients

A fire on Thursday at a COVID-19 support hospital in Movila, a village in Ploiesti County, about 30 kilometres from Bucharest, claimed the lives of two people. One nurse was severely injured. The other 15 patients from different wards were evacuated.

"The fire was extinguished quickly, but unfortunately, two people died. An investigation will establish the reasons and causes … The entire Romanian health system is hyper-requested, saturated," the Health Minister, Cseke Attila, told Digi24 TV station.

The manager of the main Infectious Diseases Hospital in Ploiesti, Bogdan Nica, said the hospital did not have fire safety approval from the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, ISU, but was in the process of obtaining it, and no irregularities were spotted in inspections.

The State Sanitary Inspection has carried out fire safety tests at the hospital in Ploiesti iover the last two years, applying fines of almost 90,000 lei [about 18,000 euros.]

In 2020, ten fines amounting to 65,000 lei were applied, including one for the Infectious Diseases Section, of 3,000 lei, imposed for improper medical waste management. In 2021, the hospital was fined 20,800 lei for deficiencies related to disinfection and cleaning.

Riomania's interim Prime Minister, Florin Citu, stated that Romania's health system had been overloaded by ther fourth wave of COVID-19 and everyone involved must ensure that all measures are taken for the safety of patients.

"Such tragedies must not be repeated! Therefore, I have always asked that hospitals be prepared for wave four, that all hospitals have the necessary approvals, and that oxygen facilities be checked," Citu said.

The latest fatal hospital fire follows one last month, when seven patients died,...

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